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The sim Monastery exists now. It will host soon the Monastery. There is still some work to do: terroforming,texturing, infrastructure. I am working on this project with Ulysse Alexandre. Here is a view of the general landscape.

Monastery sim

Monastery sim

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Finally CDS is ready to go further with the project of a sim for the Monastery. Here are some provisory maps. The details of these maps will have to be discussed with the responsable of CDS and the designers of the General Master Plan.

On this sim, there will be a nice hamlet and two isolated houses. The Monastery will be on the upper part, on a small flat land. The landscape will be similar to the next sim, Alpine Meadow. A lake make a separation between this Alpine landscape and the roman sim of Locus Amoenus.



Plots description (provisory): http://spreadsheets.google.com/ccc?key=pmkdgnep6DkuoteL5pGtfIQ

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Today Linden Lab has announced in its blog a change in price policy regarding void sim (Openspace).


The fee will increase of 67%. This decision makes void sim unsustainable. Infortunately we will have to abandon our project.

The Monastery will continue its activities in Alpine Meadow. A new exhibition is under construction.

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A very good new: the Representative Assembly of CDS has accepted today to start a project to build its fifth sim. This sim will be a void sim whose main building will be the Monastery. In this place, we will have more rooms around the building, a garden, forests. We will have some neighbours because 6 plots will be available, mostly (but not necessarly) for people who would like to collaborate with the Monastery, to organize exhibitions for example.

The Monastery itself – and it is important – will be in a public land of the Confederation of Democratic Simulators. Virtus, as NGO, will manage its activities.

This is the start of the project. There are still several steps until its achievement.

If you are interested with this project or to collaborate with the Monastery, please contact Arria Perreault.

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