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Love Letters

Like every year, the Monastery presents an exhibition about love. This year, we invite you to discover the love letters in the painting. You can also read some examples of love letters written by famous writers or people.

Love Letters

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Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

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We have taken some time to take new pictures of the Monastery.

Moonlight and the Monastery

Stair system

All the pictures are on Flickr:

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The Monastery egg painting contest is open. Here are the instructions and the rules. Come and take an egg. Have fun painting it. The most beautiful egg will win 1000 L$.

Egg Painting Contest


1. Buy an egg for 0 L$ at the Monastery
2. Prepare a texture and set it to the egg. The texture must be original. It must have one or several patterns that are repeated on the egg. Adding objects to the egg is allowed.
3. Give a copy of your egg to Arria Perreault (non modif, copy, non transf) until the 19th April 2011.
4. A jury of three persons will determine the most beautiful egg. The most beautiful egg is awarded with 1000 L$.
5. No appeal of the decision of the jury is possible.
6. Everyone can participate, except the Curator of the Monastery and the members of the jury.
7. The most beautiful eggs will be exhibited in the Easter exhibition of the Monastery.
8. Results will be published on 25th April 2011.

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Famous Lovers

We have completed the exhibition “Famous Lovers” by adding a small tribute to Liz Taylor next to the painting of Lawrence Alma Tadema. We have also added a model of an ancient greek lyra made by Alexicon Kurka (AK Creation).

Taylor and Burton in Cleopatra

Passenger only

An archive of the exhibition “Passenger only” has been created on Artsteps. This website allows to create exhibitions in a 3D environment that opens in the browser.

Sign of the exhibition "Passenger only"


Easter is coming soon

For Easter, we will make our tradition egg painting contest. We will also open an exhibition about hens.


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The Advent Calendar 201o was a real success. Our visitor’s counter has showned that we got almost 1000 unique visitors. Many people have also asked for the doors they missed. Now all paintings are available in a box in the courtyard. They are also visible on a page of this website.


See all doors of the Advent Calendar 2010

We are working now on an exhibition showing some paintings from painters of the Advent Calendar.

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Pumpkins and ghosts

Today is Halloween. The Monastery has a seasonal decoration. There are pumpkins in the courtyard.

Pumpkins in the courtyard of the Monastery

The Monastery is haunted. Halloween is a good day to meet our ghost. Be courageous!


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The Monastery sim is worth to visit. The visitors will see several animals in the romantic landscape. Here are some pictures:

Wild goat






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In 2008, the Monastery got 1260 unique visitors. This number doesn’t include people who came several times in the Monastery to visit different exhibitions. It’s not bad: 3,4 unique visitors a day. We can nevertheless try to increase the audience of the Monastery.

I have opened a booth in the sim Winterfell whose them is Middle Age. In this booth, people can find some items that we sell for the Monastery and some informations about current activities.

Winterfell booth

Winterfell booth

I have also bought an add in SL search engine in order to get a better rank in the result of requests.

The time will tell if these actions will show their effects. The best way to keep audience for a place like the Alpine Meadow Monastery is to develop activities. In 2009, we will avoid to have period without any exhibition.

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Today Linden Lab has announced in its blog a change in price policy regarding void sim (Openspace).


The fee will increase of 67%. This decision makes void sim unsustainable. Infortunately we will have to abandon our project.

The Monastery will continue its activities in Alpine Meadow. A new exhibition is under construction.

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