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Virtual worlds are pixel worlds. Everything is made with informatic code. Some characteristics of the real world are not integrated in the algorithm, because they were forgetten or too complicate to calculate. For example, metal is not metal, but an image of metal. It is easy to give to this object the right color. But what about some general physical properties, like weight and reflection? Avatars of virtual world can carry any big object in metal, because this object doesn’t have any weight. And metallic surfaces don’t make any reflection. This fact should question us about virtual worlds.

The magical mirror of Snow White godless mother

Mirrors and men have a long story, which has begun when someone has realized long time ago that he can see his own face in an untroubled water. All myths and tales show that this story is not easy: men have trouble with their image.

Virtual worlds are maybe the newest chapter of this story. Men are building a reflection of their own world. Why Second Lifes’ mirrors should reflect the faces of the avatars, if Second Life itself is a mirror? A mirror whose image is customable. A mirror we can play with. A mirror that we can enter.

This exhibition will give to the visitors a unique opportunity to explorate relationships between men and mirrors, in real and virtual worlds through several sceneries with animations: what happens when you break a mirror, when you look into a surface of water? Sceneries present tales of reflection as well as mirror in everyday life. Visitors can also see how it is possible to build mirrors in Second Life, with scripts. Finally the Library presents some texts about the topic of the exhibition.
Caravaggio Narcissus

Several people have contributed to this exhibition. We would like to thank them:

* Popea Heron
* Sonja Strom
* Lilith Ivory
* Attika Bekkers
* Ulysse Alexandre

More informations: IM Arria Perreault, Curator of the Monastery

You can visit this exhibition in Internet or in Second Life, in the Alpine Meadow Monastery.


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The Monastery will explore the theme of the mirror in its next exhibition. There are several reasons to explore this thematic.

As the main sign of mankind is consciousness, that means being aware of self, the reflection of our image on a surface is like a materialisation of this consciousness. It is hard to say when men were able to understand that the image seen on the water is our image. It is probable that the fact that man leaves in society had help: family and friends have realized this fact, before the individual. There are a lot of stories which are showing dialogues between men and their images. Usually these stories show how it is complex to deal with his/her own image.

Narcissus, Caravaggio

Narcissus, Caravaggio

There is an othe reason to explore this thematic in the Monastery. As the Monastery is a museal space in Second Life, it cannot present any mirror, water surface or metal which give back an image. Second Life is a pixels world and the objects don’t have the same physical characteristics than in the real world. Virtual Worlds are true only if we decide that they are true. The mirror can help us to think a little more about SL.

Exhibition will open in November.

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