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To celebrate its re-opening on a new sim, the Monastery presents some examples of other monasteries of Second Life.

Monastery derives from the Greek word “monos” which means “alone”. It denotes the building, or complex of buildings, that houses a room reserved for prayer as well as the domestic quarters and workplace(s) of monastics, whether monks or nuns, and whether living in community or alone (hermits).

In most religions the life inside monasteries is governed by community rules that stipulates the gender of the inhabitants and requires them to remain celibate and own little or no personal property. The degree to which life inside a particular monastery is socially separate from the surrounding populace can also vary widely; some religious traditions mandate isolation for purposes of contemplation removed from the everyday world, in which case members of the monastic community may spend most of their time isolated even from each other. Others are focused on interacting with the local communities in order to provide some service, such as teaching, medical care, or evangelism. Some monastic communities are only occupied seasonally, depending both on the traditions involved and the local weather, and people may be part of a monastic community for periods ranging from a few days at a time to almost an entire lifetime.

The life within the walls of a monastery may be supported in several ways: by manufacturing and selling goods, often agricultural products such as cheese, wine, beer, liquor; by donations or alms; by rental or investment incomes; and by funds from other organizations within the religion which in the past has formed the traditional support of Monasteries.

(Free adaptation of the Wikipedia article “Monastery”)

Besides religious rituals and spiritual practices, monasteries have played an important role in the transmission of knowledge. In the european Middle Age, books were copied in monasteries by monks. Some monasteries were also educational institutions where pupils were sent by their family. Many monasteries had an important library.

In this exhibition, there are several examples of Monasteries found on Second Life. Three of them are christian, one is buddhist. The last one is fictionnal (from the TV serie Star Trek).

Sainte-Catherine Monastery in Sinai

Sainte-Catherine Monastery in Sinai


List of monasteries

  • Monastery of Felix Meritis, Lill Burn Valley
    The Monastery of Felix Meritis is an italian renaissance style cloister. It has a cathedral, a church, dorms, cells,  chapels, library, gardens, valley & farms.
  • St, Benedict’s Monastery, Wildcat
    St. Benedict’s Monastery was built by Eva Virgo on one-half Wildcat sim. The building is inspired by the Cistercian “Abbey of Fontenay” in France. It includes a Gate House, Cloister, Chapter Room, meditation rotundas, Chapel, Bell Tower, & Graveyard.
  • St. Catherine’s Monastery, Odessa Captivating
    This building is inspired by St. Catherine’s Monastery, Sinai, Egypt. It includes icons and a Library and the main Katholicon and the Mosaic of the Transfiguration.
  • Dharma Gate Monastery, Mieum
    This place is modeled loosely after Tassajara Zen Mountain Monastery.
  • The Vulcan monastery, P’Jem, Eridani
    The Vulcan monastery, P’Jem, is a part of the  Star Trek Museum. It was created by Tsora Enoch, Chief Engineer of the Museum, on the Vulcan sim, Eridani. In the saga, it is located on a planet near Andoria and was destroyed in 2125.

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