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Gods in love

Gods of the greek and roman mythology used to have a lot of love affairs, with other deities or even with mortals. The Valentine’s exhibition 2013 shows how they seduce their partner and how terrible are the consequences of these relationships.

Gods in love


Valentine's decoration

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The Trivia Treasure Hunt in the Monastery is now open.

Visit the exhibition “Famous Lovers” (http://slurl.com/secondlife/Monastery/192/117/99). Then find the pots which are hidden in the Monastery. Clic on the pot. A question will appear in the chat. If you give the right answer, you get a nice gift.

Pot for the treasure hunt

Arria Perreault, Curator

http://twitter.com/ammonastery (#treasurehuntmonastery)

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When strangers click

Not far from our current topic at the Monastery. HBO has presented for Valentine a documentary showing the story of five couples. They all have met through the Internet and for one case in Second Life.

When Strangers Click, an HBO documentary


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Famous Lovers

For Valentine’s Day, the Monastery is proud to present a new exhibition about the most famous lovers in history, literature and mythology.

We present 10 couples through paintings that are mostly from the pre-raphaelit style:

  • Antony and Cleopatra
  • Aphrodite and Adonis
  • Lancelot and Guinevere
  • Penelope and Odysseus
  • Orpheus and Eurydice
  • Eros and Psyche
  • Pyrame and Thisbe
  • Romeo and Juliet
  • Tristan and Isolde

The 10th couple is a surprise that you will discover in-world.


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The Advent Calendar 2010 was a real success (more than 1000 unique visitors). We have selected paintings from the 19th century. Some of the painters are still famous. Some others are being rediscovered. A good example is Jean-Léon Gérôme (1824 – 1904). He was a French painter and sculptor in the style now known as Academicism. The range of his oeuvre included historical painting, Greek mythology, Orientalism, portraits and other subjects, bringing the Academic painting tradition to an artistic climax. He was very popular. At the end of his life, he made critics against the impressionist. He was then forgotten. But he was well represented in public and private collections in USA. His painting has inspired peplum movies. A big exhibition is now traveling in the world. It is currently visible in the Musée d’Orsay in Paris. It will be in Madrid (Thyssen Museum) in February.
These painters were interested by the representation of the woman. The stars or the night were often seen as women. We are presenting now in the Monastery a selection of painting presenting women from some of the painters of the Advent Calendar under the title “Eternal woman”.

Sign of the Exhibition Eternal Woman

This exhibition will be visible until the 12th February. On 14th February, the Monastery will open its traditional exhibition dedicated to the theme of love. The topic of this year is already selected. We will present you a selection of some famous lovers couples in mythology, litterature and history.

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The Egg Painting Contest has attracted several designers. We have got six entries. A seventh entry was not taken in account in the contest, because the shape of the egg was modified, but it is exhibited. The jury has also looked only the texture of the eggs and not extra objects added to the egg.

The winner is …

Easter Egg

The designer of the egg, ayanna Ducatillon, will get 1000 L$.
Other entries (alphabetical order):

Antara Ansar
Job Fiertze
Rhea Thor
Sylvia Tinkel
Soliel Snook

We thank all participants and the member of the jury for the time they took for this contest.

All the eggs are now exhibited in the Monastery. Come and visit the hole of the Easter Rabbit and discover how he is getting ready.

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A romantic place

We have managed a romantic place in the exhibition “The Kiss”: a statue of Venus, a  bank and grewing roses. Maybe you will notice the bow of Cupid, on the floor. The god of love may have forgetten it there.

Garden of Venus

The pose balls don’t have a kiss animation …

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