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The Monastery egg painting contest is open. Here are the instructions and the rules. Come and take an egg. Have fun painting it. The most beautiful egg will win 1000 L$.

Egg Painting Contest


1. Buy an egg for 0 L$ at the Monastery
2. Prepare a texture and set it to the egg. The texture must be original. It must have one or several patterns that are repeated on the egg. Adding objects to the egg is allowed.
3. Give a copy of your egg to Arria Perreault (non modif, copy, non transf) until the 19th April 2011.
4. A jury of three persons will determine the most beautiful egg. The most beautiful egg is awarded with 1000 L$.
5. No appeal of the decision of the jury is possible.
6. Everyone can participate, except the Curator of the Monastery and the members of the jury.
7. The most beautiful eggs will be exhibited in the Easter exhibition of the Monastery.
8. Results will be published on 25th April 2011.

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