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Hildegarde is a very nice hen and visitors like her a lot. But she is a bit noisy and some have claimed about that. Not easy to admire artworks hearing the hen in the courtyard. Since Hildegarde has a companion, a roster, it is even worse. Recently the Monastery hosts also three sweet little rabbits. We have decided to give a nice home to all these animals and we have build a  little house for them. In order to protect them from any fox, we have also put a barrier. At the same place, there is also a tree and a bench. Visitors can sit there and admire the nice lake of the Monastery.

Hen coop

Hen coop

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The Egg Painting Contest has attracted several designers. We have got six entries. A seventh entry was not taken in account in the contest, because the shape of the egg was modified, but it is exhibited. The jury has also looked only the texture of the eggs and not extra objects added to the egg.

The winner is …

Easter Egg

The designer of the egg, ayanna Ducatillon, will get 1000 L$.
Other entries (alphabetical order):

Antara Ansar
Job Fiertze
Rhea Thor
Sylvia Tinkel
Soliel Snook

We thank all participants and the member of the jury for the time they took for this contest.

All the eggs are now exhibited in the Monastery. Come and visit the hole of the Easter Rabbit and discover how he is getting ready.

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