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Lucullus was an important and wealthy man from Roma. He loved to eat and organized amazing dinners with many invited people. Once he was alone for dinner. His cook prepared a soup for him. Lucullus become angry and asked him why he prepared only a soup for the dinner:

COOK: we don’t have guest tonight

LUCULLUS: don’t you know that tonight Lucullus eats at Lucullus’ ?

This story shows us how important was the gastronomy in Ancient Roma. There are a lot of evidences about food, beverages, furnitures in archaeology and texts. At that time eating was already an art.

The Monastery is very proud to welcome an exhibition dedicated to the pleasures of the table in Roma. The creator of this exhibition is Popea Heron. She is very active in the sim Roma, making wonderful furnitures for roman houses. She has a shop in Subura Macellum with his friend Lef Leven: Ave Arvete.

Nunc est bibendum

The title of the exhibition is “Nunc est bibendum”, a famous sentence of the roman poet Horatius. It is related to epicurian philosophy, whose main goal of live was happiness and pleasure. Eating and drinking without excesses was considered as symbol of simple happiness.

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The exhibition “Symbols of Love” opens the 14th February 2008, the Valentine’s Day. As Curator, we have asked people to exhibit an object which means love. We have finally got three very interesting pieces or idea that we have exhibited in the Chapel.
As the Taj Mahal was to big to take place here and impossible to reduce, we have exhibited a snapshot. We have added the pond and a bank.
The artwork “Love international” was already exhibited in the POZ Poets Cave.
The artwork without title of Alexicon Kurka is exhibited for the first time.

We have added to theses artworks two classical symbols of love in windows: the heart and the arrow. In the window of the middle, we have placed two kiss balls, a symbol of love specific to Second Life.


Alpine Meadow Monastery
Exhibition “Symbols of Love”
Curator: Arria Perreault
February 2008


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A giant heart

The third artwork of the exhibition “Symbols of Love” is installed. It is a giant heart with a glass of champain bubbling a text of Eggonopoulos, a great Greek poet. You have to go in the Chapel of the Monastery to see it and hear it! The creator is Alexicon Kurka, a designer who has made wonderful reconstitutions of instruments of the Ancient Greece.

Alexicon’s Artwork

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I have added an exemplar of an english translation of the Symposium, an important text of the greek philosopher Plato. Why? The topic of the book is “Love”. Intellectuals and politicians have taken part to a dinner in the house of Agathon. After the meal, they start to drink wine. They decided that the wine will not be too strong (adding water) and that they will talk about love. Everyone, inclusive Socrates, pronounced a speech about love.

If you are interested, go in the Library and read! You can also find the text in the Gutenberg Project virtual library:


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