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The Library

We have started to work in the Library of the Monastery. The aim of this Library is to show how the texts of the Antiquity were transmitted to the Middle Age, with the work of thousands of copyists.

We have installed a screen with a script, which give to the user the choice between several weblinks. People can find there ressources about medieval manuscripts.

Screen at the Library

This script is named WebMon. You can find more informations on the blog of its creator:


If you are looking for informations about libraries in Second Life, you can visit Info Island:



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The Taj Mahal

The Taj Mahal is one of the strongest symbols of love. It was built by an indian Emperor as mausoleum for his favourite wife, in Agra, in 1631. This monument is also present in Second Life, created by Furia Freeloader. It’s an amazing building of 245 prisms that can be placed on a platform of 30x30m. You get even get it for 3900 L$ (SL is a incredible world, isn’t it?).

The building is too big to take place in the Monastery. So we have found an other way to present it, like you can see on the picture below. And a landmark will bring to the original in one second (SL is a incredible world, isn’t it?).

Taj Mahal in the Monastery

Does this installation remember you any famous picture?

SLURL of the SL Taj Mahal:


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A first artwork

A first artwork has taken place in the exhibition “Symbols of Love”. It is a large poster with the name of love in many languages and writings of the mankind. The titel is “Love International”. The author is Ingeborg Apfelbaum.

Love International

Ingeborg Apfelbaum has also created a group in SL, that you can join: The Poets of Zarahelma. They have a place: the POZ Poets Deck where you can participate to events, and the POZ Poets shop, where you can get service (for example a poem for a ceremony).

SLURL of the Poets Deck:


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For Valentine’s Day, the Monastery is organizing a collaborative exhibition about the symbols of love. Averyone can propose an object that represent love for her/him, with a short comment. The most interesting pieces will be exhibited in the exhibition.

Poster of the exhibition

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Around January the 6th, the Monastery presents the pictural tradition of the Three Kings. You can see there some paintings and representations and also the symbols of the Wise men.

Three Wise Men

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