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The Monastery

The Monastery is a building situated i Second Life, in a sim named Alpine Meadow and owned by a virtual communauty, the Confederation of Democratic Simulator (CDS).

The Monastery was built on a land bought with donations of citizen of the CDS. It is managed by a virtual NG, named Virtus.

The Monasterx

View of the Alpine Meadow Monastery

The aim of the NGO is the development of activities connected to wisdom, meditation, knowledge. It is a non-religious and a non-ideological group. These activities can held in the different places of spirituality in the CDS sims : the Church of Neufreistadt, the roman temples of Colonia Nova and the Monastery of Alpine Meadow. The Monastery is owned by Virtus and is also its main place.

Virtus and the Monastery are open to anyone who agree with our goals. We will offer exhibitions and events. This blog will present the life of the Monastery.

SLURL of the Monastery:


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