Gods in love

Gods of the greek and roman mythology used to have a lot of love affairs, with other deities or even with mortals. The Valentine’s exhibition 2013 shows how they seduce their partner and how terrible are the consequences of these relationships.

Gods in love


Valentine's decoration

Advent Calendar 2012

Monastery Advent Calendar 2012

The donkey is an animal both humble and tenacious. It is part of the imagery of Christmas. It heats the Child Jesus in Bethlehem. It goes with the Holy Family in their flight to Egypt. It has inspired many artists in religious scenes or not. This calendar is a tribute to this animal.

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We are presenting details of the paintings. You can find everyday the entire painting on Pinterest: https://pinterest.com/ArriaMarcella/advent-calendar-2012/

Love Letters

Like every year, the Monastery presents an exhibition about love. This year, we invite you to discover the love letters in the painting. You can also read some examples of love letters written by famous writers or people.

Love Letters

Happy New Year 2012

Happy New Year 2012

We all spend about a third of our lives sleeping, although the number of hours that everyone needs is different. The proliferation of activities tends to shorten our sleep. Sleep is the theme of our Advent calendar 2011. Relaxing sleep, sleep as rest, sleep the brother of death, sleep of the child, the animals sleep, sleep as weakness time, the time of dream and nightmare, these are the themes that Western painting has treated . In 24 paintings by great masters or lesser-known artists, we can discover this activity that is an important part of our existence.

Gustave Courbet (1819 - 1877), Le Hamac (The hammock), 1844

– Internet: http://www.be-virtual.ch/adventcalendar/

– Second Life (Monastery): http://slurl.com/secondlife/Monastery/188/126/99

We have taken some time to take new pictures of the Monastery.

Moonlight and the Monastery

Stair system

All the pictures are on Flickr:

The Monastery is present in exhibition celebrating the 8th birthday of SL. The pavillion of CDS shows each sim. Here are two pictures of the part dedicated to the Monastery:

The Monastery in SL8B

The pavillion of CDS